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Lady Biker Starts a New Year

Posted: 9th January 2012 by LadyBikerTravel in Uncategorized

So 2012 is under way and I’m brimming with excitement and enthusiasm for the year ahead. There are so many things I want to do this year and, of course, there’s one special event I’m working on right now – my wedding July 1st. There’s going to be riding for me this year and event […]

How many Lady Bikers does it take to change a light bulb? Well, it depends on what kind of light bulb it is. Take, for example, the rear light/brake light bulb on Coco. That’s not your everyday, ordinary light bulb. Finesse and skill are required. Not to mention knowing it’s out in the first place, […]

Workouts and Riding

Posted: 16th December 2011 by LadyBikerTravel in Uncategorized
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When you’re a biker like me, with no car, who rides everywhere, there comes the inevitable time when your enthusiasm bumps smack up against the weather…the cold weather, that is. I can deal with the heat but the cold. Brrrrr! Of course, as a biker, I have things to assist me…and the promise that someday, […]

Couples Riding

Posted: 14th November 2011 by LadyBikerTravel in Uncategorized
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So, I’ve been writing a lot about wanting to learn how to ride places on my own without needing someone to ride with me. I have to be honest and admit there were two reasons for my mild rants. One was that I truly do want to learn to be comfortable riding by myself. I […]

So, after my week of riding at the  beginning of October plus a quick trip to a local dealer, I was down to only six dealerships left to visit in the Harley-Davidson Passport Challenge. I decided to try to hit three of those today and that will leave the last three to hit next weekend. […]

What Would It Take?

Posted: 11th October 2011 by LadyBikerTravel in Uncategorized
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I just spent a week of vacation on the road, riding. If I’d placed a direct order with God, the weather couldn’t have been better (except for a couple of days of West Texas straight wind). My riding partner is simply the best. He’s an excellent Road Captain and my single gripe about never being […]

Wow! It’s been a long time since I’ve written. Frankly, it’s been a pretty long time since I’ve ridden, either – I mean real riding, not just back and forth to work. I’d planned a long hard ride for the Labor Day Weekend but at the absolute last second (I was actually on the road […]

Getting In Shape For A Big Trip

Posted: 18th August 2011 by LadyBikerTravel in Uncategorized
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It’s countdown time to my next big riding weekend. Just a little over two weeks to go. I’m getting excited. I’m also getting in shape! A few weeks ago, I got rid of a lease car I’d been carrying around my neck for four years. Its outrageous payment and accompanying insurance was like an albatross […]

What’s This?

Posted: 13th August 2011 by LadyBikerTravel in Uncategorized

So yesterday I opined…or maybe whined is a better word…about the heat and how I’d just have to live with it a little longer before riding would finally be pleasurable again. Clearly it’s been so long, I completely forgot there is another way to cool off on the bike: rain! This morning I saw the […]

It’s so hot. I mean the kind of heat that actually has weight, that makes the air so think you feel like you part it with your body when you’re riding. The kind of heat that squeezes all the energy out of you like you squeeze water out of sponge.It’s the kind of heat that […]