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I know it’s blazing hot outside and it’s still high summer but I’m thinking about fall and the inaugural weekend of that season of cool nights, changing colors, and perfect rides. That’s right. Labor Day is coming soon, folks and this Lady Biker has big travel plans. I have some friends who did the Hoka […]

So the vacation is over and it’s time for the long ride home from Mustang Island to Irving. Honey was too tired to hit all my planned courthouses on the way down but he really came through headed north again so let’s hit it! First was the Aransas County courthouse in Rockport, Texas. Don’t even […]

It’s the second (and last, alas) full day of our vacation at the beach. I’m one of those anomalous women who is happy in a tent, even one a quarter of a mile away from the bathroom! A tent on the beach is like a DQ Blizzard with no calories…something you really only expect to […]

It’s vacation time! Nowadays, that means a long road trip with overnight camping, beach, and lots of courthouses. I’m in heaven! I’ve taken a few days off here and there this year but they were all so I could work someplace else – not exactly a vacation. This is the real deal. The original plan […]

So I have totally been a riding girl this week. All totaled, I’d ridden almost 400 miles by Saturday and there’s still a day left! Whatever shall I do? I know. A courthouse ride! Honey rode with his Panther Creek chapter on a breakfast ride from Allen to Crandall, Texas to eat at a place […]

So, naturally Honey, with his brand new Screaming Eagle Ultra, is going to go to his HOG group dinner ride to allow everyone to admire his new perfect bike. And naturally, I’m going along because I love to ride and because…there’s a courthouse! We rode with Panther Creek HOG – probably one of the friendliest […]

So, it’s Wednesday and I happened to have taken a day off work. I was working on other things but had finished up by 3:00 and we decided to take Coco to get a new tire put on – which she needed BADLY. Since we were getting the work done in Bedford (which is close […]

Another beautiful Tuesday (at least, that was my initial assessment) and another courthouse ride. I had originally intended to hit four courthouses, but, while summer storms may be pleasing to those at home, they are the devil to riders…who forgot their gear! I did plenty of dodging of storms but never could dodge the spectacular […]

So time for my next courthouse trip. This one was alone on a Tuesday evening after work. I waited until about 6:30 to leave so the traffic would have died down…at least a little. Again, I started from my office in Carrollton but this time took Beltline all the way to Grove Road in Richardson. […]

Finally started my trips to visit Texas courthouses and what a great first choice! I lived in Denton for a while…two times. First time I was a young married going to school at TWU. We lived in a tri-plex house near UNT and had a blast, but left all too soon for the next … […]