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Yesterday was an unbelievable, sunshiny day here in North Texas. I think it capped out at 79 degrees, warmer than you could ever hope for in January, even in the south. And, naturally, after what feels like weeks of being confined to the (mercifully) short trek back and forth to work on cold mornings, there […]

I’m devoting my blog this month to the different things I think about while I ride…and that covers an awful lot of ground. It’s not that I have profound, earth-shaking thoughts. It’s that my mind flits from thing to thing, barely alighting long enough to form a cohesive chain of thoughts. My French teacher in […]

A New Year of Riding

Posted: 14th January 2011 by LadyBikerTravel in Uncategorized

What do you think about when you ride? I know I should be focusing on the road, but the truth is that my mind roams the world when I ride. Frankly, sometimes I’ll catch myself well along the road and won’t remember how I got there – not because I’ve been drinking or am too […]