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Another beautiful Tuesday (at least, that was my initial assessment) and another courthouse ride. I had originally intended to hit four courthouses, but, while summer storms may be pleasing to those at home, they are the devil to riders…who forgot their gear! I did plenty of dodging of storms but never could dodge the spectacular […]

So time for my next courthouse trip. This one was alone on a Tuesday evening after work. I waited until about 6:30 to leave so the traffic would have died down…at least a little. Again, I started from my office in Carrollton but this time took Beltline all the way to Grove Road in Richardson. […]

Finally started my trips to visit Texas courthouses and what a great first choice! I lived in Denton for a while…two times. First time I was a young married going to school at TWU. We lived in a tri-plex house near UNT and had a blast, but left all too soon for the next … […]

Oh, it’s been a long, cold winter. OK, I know it’s June and it’s actually really, REALLY hot, but from a riding standpoint, I’ve been in a bleak dreary winter. Sure I’ve ridden – I rode every single cold, wet, dreary day. It’s the only way I have to get around. But the rides were […]