Here’s the next installment in my December series about enjoying whatever trip you take.

December 4th. I did a lot of riding around today and ended up going home twice – once after taking Jess to get her nails done in Plano and once again after a Christmas Party in Parker, Texas. Coming home from Plano, I was in a huge hurry to make a dessert to take to the upcoming party so I took the fastest way I know – George Bush all the way to 183, then Irving Boulevard the rest of the way. Woosh! Rode like the wind…which was blowing fiercely from the North, by the way. What did I notice? How nice it is to ride fast (70 mph) but still be within the speed limit and never have to stop. It was like a road trip. Song of the day (or of the ride): “In the Mood” by Glenn Miller and his Orchestra.

December 4th, ride 2: This ride was to a Faith Riders Christmas Party in Parker, Texas. Don’t know where that is? Well, take Parker Road off US 75 and head east until you think you’re in Arkansas and that’s Parker. (I may have exaggerated a little but it was pretty cold and that has an impact.) We got delayed on 635 for a huge accident – nearly 45 minutes – but the ride home was just fine…I mean except for being really cold. Route back was the standard 635 to Loop 12 down to Shady Grove. Since that’s my standard route home, I’ll have to be sure not to accidentally go home the “normal” way. Yikes! No more mindless riding, which is probably a good thing. What did I notice? Well, it’s been a long time since I rode with anyone else. Kind of liked it – liked watching where he went and following behind. Song of the ride: a Zydeco (New Orleans style) piece given to me by a friend on a CD titled “Best Damn Cajun CD Ever.” It was aptly named by I have no idea who any of the artists are, only that I love them all!

December 5th: Wow, no riding today at all. It was a cold, windy Sunday and I had finals to prepare for. Also pulled my back out somehow so riding just wasn’t going to happen.

December 6th: rode to my Audit final at Mountainview tonight. Never mind that the final was so hard it pulled my pants down and spanked my naked bottom. It was outrageously cold outside. Warmer than the 26 degrees when I went to work this morning, but not by much. My cheeks were frozen and my hands couldn’t work the door knob. And it’s actually not really that cold! My route home was the fastest I could manage: Loop 12 to I-30 and up MacArthur. What did I notice? I noticed that the air was pretty damp in a lot of places – in fact, the only thing I really thought about was the cold. Song of the day: “Black Dog” by Led Zeppelin. Ahhh. I was warm when I pulled in.

December 7th: Worked late tonight getting ready for a business trip tomorrow and I was really tempted to take the fastest route home, but I resisted and took a very long route instead. I never even got on the highway. Took Beltline through Carrollton to Webb Chapel, then Spring Valley to Luna to Riverside to O’Connor (there’s a story there) over to MacArthur and home. There was some wild construction on O’Connor and the detour took me through the upscale Las Colinas condos they’ve recently built. It was a beautiful night and I had a chance to look down a lot of neighborhood streets at the Christmas lights. The whole ride took about 45 minutes, maybe a little longer but I finished the ride near the neighborhoods I used to drive the boys at Christmastime to look at lights. Money was tight and I had no idea Plano light shows even existed. Instead, we would go to Sonic for ½ price burgers and eat those while we drove around looking at lights in our neighborhood and sang Christmas carols. Maybe they weren’t as big a production as you can see up in the elegant neighborhoods, but we loved them. And, I remember that the kids never complained that our lights at the house weren’t as nice as anyone else’s. They were happy with what we had and happy to drive around to see the lights at other houses nearby.
I also marked a couple places I’m going to go see – some municipal light shows that were very inviting. I love Christmas, and everything about this ride was wonderful. Song of the ride: “All Star” by Smash Mouth. Nice evening all around.