So I have totally been a riding girl this week. All totaled, I’d ridden almost 400 miles by Saturday and there’s still a day left! Whatever shall I do? I know. A courthouse ride!

Honey rode with his Panther Creek chapter on a breakfast ride from Allen to Crandall, Texas to eat at a place called The Cotton Gin. I had Weight Watchers meetings this morning and when I’d finished, I headed out to Crandall to meet him. I got there around 12:15 and, after filling up with gas and a Red Bull (it was a short night…in fact, it’s been a week full of short nights), we were off.

Since honey was going with me, I let him choose the route we rode. He picked exactly what I would have done (which makes sense since there really was only one option most of the way. It was a nice one, though.

Van Zandt County CourthouseFrom Crandall, we took 175 to Kaufman where we picked up TX 243 to Canton. Since Honey was planning the route, I didn’t bother to really pay attention to the courthouse locations. That made finding the Van Zandt County courthouse a little problematic. Yippee for Honey’s wamma-jamma Screaming Eagle GPS system which can ultimately find anything…if you know exactly what it’s called. We did and were soon at the right place.

It’s not a thrilling courthouse but it’s OK. The town square is also OK, but nothing spectacular. There were a lot of people around as part of Fourth of July celebrations. Canton is a  trader’s heaven and the town is full of swap and antique shops. That’s in addition to the HUGE Canton Trader’s Village north of town.

Henderson County CourthouseFrom there, we headed down TX 19 (which I’d taken further north on my long Tuesday night ride – Ride #3). It’s also a nice ride and the courthouse in Athens is on an extremely large piece of land. It’s beautifully situated and surrounded by so many trees, I couldn’t get a full picture but I’ll remember it because it was so impressive. I actually tried to get a shot looking up from the ground but it was so hot I burned myself!

There are shops all around the square, including a Bistro we tried to patronize for lunch but at 2:30 on a holiday weekend, they were completely out of food. Honey was about as disgusted as he’d been with my flat tire but we ultimately decided to head on out towards Corsicana and our last stop in Navarro County. For that leg, we followed TX 31 out of Athens. It’s good road but pretty much a straight, uninteresting ride.

Again, we had some trouble finding the courthouse…enough that Honey said we’d have to eat first, take pictures later. We weren’t on the town square but we were definitely in old Corsicana and it was several blocks of old buildings, almost all of them with nice operating shops. Some were boutiques, some were furniture stores, some insurance agents. It was like a strip mall but oh, so much classier.

Navarro County CourthouseWe stopped to eat at a cute diner called Chet’s. I ordered a sweet potato with brisket and it was perfect in every way. First of all, it was small – they’d taken a large one and cut it in half and the brisket was completely fat free. Honey got a bacon burger and I had a bite of that, too. Yummy! Even the ice was perfect – the “easy to crunch” ice. This is definitely a place I’d visit again if I’m ever in town.

After lunch, Honey was fading fast so I rode to the courthouse on my own to take the pictures. Navarro County Courthouse isn’t actually on a town square, it’s a few blocks off the main drag. The grounds were beautiful, just immaculate and the courthouse itself was nice, though not necessarily spectacular. It did have a working clock that struck the quarter hour (and scared the tar out of me). The area around it was deserted. There’s a memorial – looks like a new war memorial of some kind – on one side but I didn’t see it until we were leaving town and Honey was not in a “stop and take more pictures” mood.

For the ride back, we took TX 22 out of Corsicana to Blooming Grove (which has neither a grove nor any blooms) then hooked up with FM 55, a very nice stretch that ultimately hooked up with US 77. From there, it was old hat to 287, then 67 and home. We stopped for coffee at Starbucks (of course) and were just ready for the last leg when … disaster (sort of). Honey was giving my bike the cursory boyfriend once-over and noticed that my rear wheel was missing its bearing. Well, to be honest, it had part of the bearing but not enough to ride…at all. I’ll talk about this in another post but bottom line, no  more riding for me until it’s fixed. I called NT Harley (can you believe Daniel answered on a holiday weekend after closing time?). He told me NOT to ride it so we had it towed to the house and Harley will pick it up Tuesday. That means no riding for the entire holiday weekend. You might as well make me work!

Ugh. This is serious stuff and, like I said, I’ll address it in another blog. The ride itself was great if hot and capped a week of almost 1000 miles of riding. Happy week.

Total miles: 121; total time: 9 hours (counting tow time) 6 hours of real riding.