It’s the second (and last, alas) full day of our vacation at the beach. I’m one of those anomalous women who is happy in a tent, even one a quarter of a mile away from the bathroom! A tent on the beach is like a DQ Blizzard with no calories…something you really only expect to find in heaven.

So, I began this day meeting up with a friend from high school who I haven’t seen in…ahem…more than a few years – almost 30, to be exact (I graduated from high school when I was 9, in case you’re trying to do some math in your head).

I am so delighted to meet up with friends from ages past because every single get-together has erased all the time between. I admit I’m horrible at maintaining past friendships. Heck. I can barely manage the current relationships in my life. So every time I see an old friend and the years melt away as if they never were, every time you pick up where you left off, it’s like a present, a gift.

Barbara had just returned from an extended stay in England to visit her daughter and had gotten back almost the same time we arrived in Corpus. She chose a local place to meet for breakfast – authentic Mexican food at Kiko’s ( and it was divine! We ate and talked for three hours (two of my very most favorite pastimes; if we had been riding the bike while doing the other two…well that’s probably just too much happiness for one chick in one day!

I have to go back to the Corpus area to pick up some other courthouses and I will definitely be sure to get together with Barbara again. I loved her then and I love her now!  When we finished, I snapped a picture of Barbara on my bike – she was talking about getting her own and I sure hope she does. She’s exactly the kind of free spirit who needs her own bike (but that’s just one girl’s opinion).

Time to head out for a courthouse run but, in the middle of a horrible drought, with the sun still shining, a pathetic, puny cloud let loose a torrential downpour and I found myself scrambling, after only about five minutes on the bike, into a Wal-Mart to get away from the rain. Yes, I know you should always have your rain gear with you. No, I didn’t have it. Leave it alone! It took 30 minutes for that silly cloud that couldn’t even block out the sun to release all the liquid it had stored up to throw down on my vacation.

Once the rain cleared, I met up with Honey at the Starbucks we’d been visiting each day so he could have his daily infusion of espresso. It took me about an hour to realize that, while we might be in a drought, that does not apply to the ambient air; my clothes were NOT going to be drying any time soon. Honey had no interest in trading air conditioning for heat and humidity so I hit the Nueces County courthouse on my own after a ride of about 10 miles to downtown Corpus Christi.

Nueces County Courthouse, Corpus Christi, TexasThe courthouse is nothing that interesting to look at but the grounds were nice. It’s on a huge space with lots of trees – so many I couldn’t really even get a clear picture of the whole building. You’ll have to settle for this picture of the bike and bits of building peeping through  the trees. Taking the pictures took all of three minutes and I was off riding along South Padre Island until my gas tank gage (and the absence of any scenery more interesting than a clump of grass on the sand dunes) forced me to turn back towards our camp (with a stop at a gas station, then a nice bar where I met Honey for a different kind of beverage).

Back to the beach to play in the waves for a couple of hours and it was the end of our last day of vacation. Sigh. I could have stayed…and stayed…and stayed. I mean, except for the part where you’re spending money and not making money. Except for that part, I could be on vacation all the time!

Tomorrow, a long day of riding and courthouses!