December 14 & 15 Rides

Posted: 16th December 2010 by LadyBikerTravel in Uncategorized
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Time for another installment in the December challenge to take a different route home every night. But first, I want to share something I can’t tell anyone around me because they all worry and will blow it out of proportion.

I took a fall on Coco this morning on my way to work. I was on a 90 degree turn on a very slick, remote road that’s pretty much just travelled by trucks headed to the dump. That means it’s also covered with kaliche (the clay-like dirt in this part of town), oil, slime, and lots of other stuff. Add to that a high dewpoint putting a sheen of water over everything and I might as well have been turning on ice. The outcome was the same: bike went one way, I went the other. Coco came through it mostly OK, although some of the pretty chrome is not as pretty. I had to run by the Harley place to get a new lamp for a turn signal that broke, and had to replace the cloth lowers – it was torn to shreds – but that’s it. I’m fine but only because, by the grace of God, on a whim I put on my chaps. It wasn’t that cold but I decided to wear them anyway. I already had my leather jacket and have been wearing my helmet lately. I needed every piece of gear. I did bang my head but felt nothing. All in all, a $4.95 light took care of the bike. My pride is another matter but I can’t really complain since we’re all OK.

The whole thing got me thinking, though, about the helmet thing. When I made the logo for Lady Biker Travel, I purposely left the helmet indistinct. I hate helmets because I prefer the sunshine on my face and the wind in my hair. But they’re warmer and my hair has gotten too long for wind blowing through it to be a good thing. Now, when I saw what the road had done to my helmet this morning…and reflected on what it would have done to my bare head…well, I’m starting to feel more friendly toward that obnoxious piece of plastic that transforms me from a Lady Biker to a motorcyclist of unknown gender.

In the end, as my mom always said, “All’s well that ends well” (I know, she’s not the first to say it but she’s the first one to say it to me) and it all ended amazingly well, for which I am profoundly grateful – wounded pride aside!

December 14. I left work very late and, again, was tempted to take the fastest way home but I was also really agitated about different things going on over which I have absolutely NO control (which is even more agitating) and thought an easy, peaceful ride might be good for me. So, I travelled straight down Marsh all the way to Mockingbird, from there to Irving Boulevard, to O’Connor, to Sixth, to MacArthur, and home. That was probably my last trip down Marsh. Even at 9:00 at night, there was construction and it promises to be there for a while. (There was one of those signs that announces how many of your tax dollars are at work on this project that will be completed in x number of years and thank you for your cooperation, etc. Definitely long-term road work.)

Mockingbird is also in a perpetual state of disrepair and what isn’t being worked on, should be worked on. Mockingbird to Irving Blvd is probably the worst road in the city I know of – at least the worst one with regular traffic and it’s kind of inexcusable as it’s the road that leads to Love Field Airport.

Regardless, by the time I got home, 45 minutes later, I was still mulling over things, but I was definitely relaxed and glad I’d given myself the longer, slower ride – bad roads and all. Song for the ride: “Rapture” by Blondie, an old song I remember from the time it first came out. Ahhh.

December 15th. After work I met Young Son for some “they’re-never-too-old-to-need-clothes” shopping. I took 635 to MacArthur for our shopping and dinner, then MacArthur all the way home. I actually like the ride down MacArthur very much when the traffic flows. Traffic outside the shopping center was outrageous but once we got past that, it was a smooth ride. Still lots on my mind – especially my fall (which happened this morning). I’m not scared when riding, but I was thinking about the route I’ll take to work tomorrow morning. Will I take the easy way and go another route? Or will I take on the dogleg again and show myself I can make that turn without falling? I guess we’ll all find out tomorrow! Song for the ride: “In a Moment” by Collective Soul (I’ve been downloading some old CDs on my iPod and loving it!).