It’s so hot. I mean the kind of heat that actually has weight, that makes the air so think you feel like you part it with your body when you’re riding. The kind of heat that squeezes all the energy out of you like you squeeze water out of sponge.It’s the kind of heat that makes me want to be a good girl because I know I couldn’t stand this for eternity. The kind of heat that makes you wish for winter…almost.

The worst part of this heat is that it makes my rides something that I don’t long for any more. I’m used to feeling like every minute on the bike is better than just about anything else I could be doing; this heat makes it hard to feel that way. It doesn’t make me dislike riding but I can’t lie. It’s sapping some of the joy of the ride, much like the sun is sapping the life from the grass and the trees all around us.

So, I don’t own a car any longer. I finally unloaded the boulder of a lease car I’ve been dragging (not driving) around for the past four years and am both car and car payment free. It’s a glorious feeling, even with the weight of the heat outside. It’s completely changed my financial picture and now I can actually breath. It means I don’t have any other option, though, than riding. It shouldn’t matter since I didn’t actually have an option before; the car wasn’t available to drive, it was just something I paid for. I guess they kind of cancel each other out. No more heat from Honda Finance but enough heat from the sun to make up for it.

But  not quite. These may be dog days – slow, hot, lazy days – but they are days full of promise. Sure, it’s hot, but it won’t last forever. It will cool off…eventually. My rides will become the snatched moments of joy in the day they have always been. And the fact that I’ve got extra brass in pocket means I can take longer rides when fall comes, and I will enjoy them more because they won’t be breaking the bank.

So come on, September. I’m ready for that nip in the air, that hint of fall, the promise that I will have to layer clothes for warmth rather than orchestrating my ride to ride through any sprinkler that’s running so I can get a breath of coolness that lasts until the heat dries me off…in about 10 seconds or so.

Fall is coming and I’m ready for it. I’ve got a long ride planned for Labor Day Weekend. It’ll be solo because I can’t sell honey on the beauty of a 1500-mile ride done in 60 hours or less (preferably less since I must work Saturday morning and can’t take off Tuesday. It will be a serious courthouse swing. Lady Biker will be back riding for a purpose higher than just commuting back and forth to work. Fun is around the corner. The heat can’t win because winter must come. And I’ll have something else to complain about. I can hardly wait!