I know it’s blazing hot outside and it’s still high summer but I’m thinking about fall and the inaugural weekend of that season of cool nights, changing colors, and perfect rides. That’s right. Labor Day is coming soon, folks and this Lady Biker has big travel plans.

I have some friends who did the Hoka Hey Bike challenge this year. It’s a HUGE ride to hit all 48 contiguous states and Canadian territories in 18 days. 10,000 miles in less than 3 weeks. Woot! Woot! I can’t wait to talk to them about the ride. I followed a number of their posts (those I could read through eyes green with envy) and fantasized I was traveling with them. I even dreamed one night that I slept on a picnic table, after Lulu posted about it. I’m pretty sure I awoke more refreshed from that night than they did, but I also awoke more trapped in my back-and-forth-in-the-heat rides to work than they were.

I’ve taken plenty of long rides of several hundred miles or more and some of them on my own. The hardest ride I ever did was an Iron Butt last Labor Day weekend. That’s 1000 miles in 24 hours or less. I did it on my own because at the time, my circle of riding friends was pretty small and none of them was dumb enough to ride to Meridian, MS for no better reason than to say “I did it!”

Now, I have a MUCH larger circle of biker friends, including a lot of Lady Bikers! Ahhh. Every time I write those words, the choirs of heaven throw an “Alleluia” my way! I bet I could get a taker on an Iron Butt ride now…if that was what I had planned…

Anyway, I can’t wait to talk to them about the ride because I want to do my own challenge ride again this Labor Day. I’m still mapping it out, but it’s designed for me to knock out about 40 courthouses on my courthouse challenge – all in 2-1/2 days. I’ll be leaving Saturday after my Weight Watchers meetings (I’m really committed to my members and rarely get subs for my meetings if I can possibly help it). I have to work Tuesday the 6th so that only gives me Sunday, Monday, half a day Saturday…and however much of the nights in between it will take me to get it done.

The main reason I want to talk to them about their ride is this: I’ll be taking this trip alone, too. Again, my treks do not garner interest on the home front so it will be just me (why a trip to every county in the Texas Panhandle isn’t a coveted ride, I simply don’t know). Actually, I kind of prefer riding alone because I want to choose the route and the only way I feel comfortable doing that is when I’m on my own. That also means I’ll be camping completely on my own. Now, I’m full of bravado about “throwing my sleeping bag down on the ground and catching a few winks” but the truth is that I’ve never camped alone like that and I’m not 100% comfortable with the idea. If I’m at a KOA, no problem. They’re like a hotel to me, but just stopping at a roadside park is scary. Maggie and Lulu did some pretty rough camping (of course, there were two of them and that changes everything) and I want to feel OK doing that, too.

I’m not typically a scared person. In fact, I’m more likely to be called as reckless than cautious. But that’s not really always true; I just want so badly not to be scared (I HATE being scared of anything) that I make myself do things. Sometimes, that’s a good philosophy, but sometimes it really is reckless. Frankly, riding 1000 miles just to say “I did it” is pretty silly. I’m still glad I did it, but it’s kind of like dying rappelling down a building with no safety rope. What a dumb way to go.

So I’m putting together a long trip on my own. There’s lots of planning to do, things to prepare, routes to check, and stopping places to mull over. I sure could use a shot of bravado and I’m looking to Maggie and Lulu for the first round! Cheers, girls. You totally rock and have paved the way for me personally to expand my horizons and my experiences!

Until next time, wheels down and eyes up! Come on fall. I’m SO ready for you!

  1. john Sharp says:

    Lady Biker

    Sounds normal to me, then of course I am set to ride my second 1000 n 24 of the year on September 17th. It will be a charity ride for Epilepsy, would love for you and all your readers to join us. Information at http://www.bikermonkeyblog.com

    AS always looking forward to your next posting


  2. admin says:

    Thanks. I’m glad you did. I’m looking forward to getting some rides in now that it’s spring. If my travel schedule would just agree with my ride schedule! Are you a rider, too?