What Would It Take?

Posted: 11th October 2011 by LadyBikerTravel in Uncategorized
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I just spent a week of vacation on the road, riding. If I’d placed a direct order with God, the weather couldn’t have been better (except for a couple of days of West Texas straight wind). My riding partner is simply the best. He’s an excellent Road Captain and my single gripe about never being able to choose the route is pretty weak.

By the time the week was up, I’d ridden almost 3,300 miles. I actually went about 350 miles further than honey because I took an extra trip to Austin Saturday to obtain one more passport stamp. Did I mention that I’m going to win that new Harley-Davidson motorcycle!

But this post isn’t about the trip. It’s about my new-found determination to find a way to make weeks like last week my life, not my vacation. There has to be a way to sufficiently support myself and my family that entails me riding long distances on my motorcycle. I haven’t quite figured out what that would be, but I’m convinced there’s a way.

While riding all those miles, I had more than sufficient time to think. In fact, I probably got in more quiet thinking done last week than I’d done for the entire year that preceded it! So, we’ll start with the thoughts about how to make my vacation life my everyday life.

First of all, I wondered if there actually are people who make a living on their motorcycles? It sure seems so. Then I tried to figure out how that might be done. Here are just some of the ways I thought of that people could make a living using a motorcycle:

1. Daredevil stunt rider

2. Rebel motorcycle gang member

3. Motorcycle tester

4. Motorcycle gear tester

5. Reality TV star (they get paid for everything they do, so that would include being on a motorcycle, right?)

6. Supermodel (ditto reality TV star)

7. Motorcycle magazine writer

8. Novelist with a motorcycle-riding heroine for whom I must do constant research

OK. That’s eight possibilities. There are pros and cons to each, of course:

1. Daredevil stunt rider. Pros – lots of motorcycle time performing and practicing. Cons – you get hurt a lot (remember those movies of Evil Knievel flying off his bike and his limbs each going in four different directions. And sometimes you die. Yikes!

2. Rebel gang member. Pros – you could spend your entire life in the seat of your motorcycle and see the entire country. Cons – the police are always after you (way worse than when you just speed a little and sometimes forget to put your feet down at stop signs) and you have to hang out with scary people (e.g. criminals). And you probably break the law a lot. And mostly the women don’t ride; they ride behind and have vests that say “Property of” which totally does NOT suit me. And they don’t really get paid for anything they do – only the guys do.

3. Motorcycle tester. Pros – you get to ride all different kinds of motorcycles in all sorts of different places. Cons – There is absolutely no downside to this job that I can see. If you think of one, let me know.

4. Motorcycle gear tester. Pros – you get to wear and use all different kinds of motorcycle gear in all sorts of different places. Cons – I also can’t think of any at all. Maybe the biggest risk of this one and #3 is that you’d want everything you tested and it’s unlikely you’d get to keep any of it.

5. Reality TV star. Pros – I would get to be one of the kind of self-absorbed, spotlight-chasing people I hate, which actually sounds more like a Con. Cons – does anyone really like any reality TV star? I mean, really? Even if they ride a motorcycle? Also, I would likely have to get plastic surgery if only to create a plot line as the rest of my life is pretty boring.

6. Super model who is always in motorcycle photo shoots. Pros – I would be really thin and beautiful. Cons – I would have to GET really thin and I can’t imagine that being much fun. In fact, to be as thin as most of the ones I see, I’d probably have to be dead for a while and that means I couldn’t ride ever again, which pretty much defeats the purpose.

7. Motorcycle magazine writer. Pros – I would have to ride in order to know what I’m writing about. I’d likely have to take all sorts of beautiful rides and experience lots of local attractions. Cons – I’d have to learn more about the motorcycle itself, become an expert on how it works (which is a huge challenge since the only maintenance I know is changing the oil; oh, and I can pump my own gas. That’s pretty exciting, right?). I’m also guessing that free-lance writers are lined up for miles trying to get an in with the few motorcycle magazines that are for riders more than chopper enthusiasts.

8. Novelist writing about a motorcycle-riding heroine. Don’t laugh at me, but I’m pretty high on this one. Pros – I would have to think up romantic plot lines, write about love and  happy endings, and ride a lot to do research. Cons – let’s face it. Women’s romance novels are a dime a dozen and most of them are pretty drively. I know this because I did years of research on the genre (starting with Harlequin Romances when I was a teenager) and I’m not sure I want to write just about sex (although, again, the research part would be fine).

I am serious, though. I’ve started working out a novel idea (not a new idea, a plot idea for a novel) and who knows? Maybe I can carry it off. The next question becomes, how much money do novelists make anyway? I suppose you have to do something notable like selling a whole lot of copies of your work or having it turned into a movie. Hmmm. I read and watch The Help this summer and I know stranger things have happened. So, who knows? Maybe a new career awaits…complete with the need for a LOT of riding research.

Do you have any ideas how I can make a living riding my bike? I’m willing and able to do just about anything that doesn’t require me to be drop-dead gorgeous. Let me know what you think!

Until next time, wheels down and eyes up! Have a great ride!

  1. Nice post! I like your blog very much. As for making a living on a bike, you left one out, and that’s “Motorcycle Tour Guide”, which is what I’m doing. I’m launching “Biker Babe Tours” very soon. Our first tour is happening in spring 2012. Check out my blog: http://bikerbabetours.wordpress.com/ or hit my Web site or Facebook page. Thanks for the interesting blog, lady biker. I hope we meet out on the road someday! : )

    • GREAT idea, Biker Babe! Love it. I’ll check out your site and see what the odds are of us meeting up sometime. Love your logo, too. Don’t know if we came up with them independently (I’d never seen yours until today) but all I can say is great minds think alike! Ride safely!

      • Thanks for the reply, lady biker! Doesn’t matter who came up with it first, just that we are all on the same wavelength and a part of the same community. I have written a 90-page business plan, researched the market and viability of the business for 200+ hours, drawn the company logo, written tons of tour documentation, and have basically put one foot in front of the other for over a year and a half to make this business gel. It’s so exciting! I encourage other women bikers to do the same. Launch female bike touring companies and get out there! Women need to ride. I love this community of ours and so look forward to meeting every woman biker out there. You and I will ride together someday, sista. I have no doubt about that. Keep me posted on your progress. Hugs from your new friend, Lizzy

        • Hey, Lizzy. Thanks for the reply. I’m at work and having a “fighting-a-crosswind” kind of day but I had a quick question. Where are you based? I’m in Texas, in the Dallas area.


          • Hey, Gwynne! At the moment, I am in Phoenix, AZ, but my hubby and I are moving very soon to Sedona, AZ, which is a couple of hours north of here. That’s where I am launching Biker Babe Tours. If I ever ride to Texas, I am so looking you up, lady! And, if you decide to take a tour someday, that would be awesome. I will be operating in western states (AZ, UT, NV, CA) for the first couple of years and then branching out to other states after that, providing that it all works out (which, it will!). I would so love to ride with you. You and I are both writers and riders! Have a good day at work. Don’t let them get you down! Oh, and what do you ride?