So, after my week of riding at the  beginning of October plus a quick trip to a local dealer, I was down to only six dealerships left to visit in the Harley-Davidson Passport Challenge. I decided to try to hit three of those today and that will leave the last three to hit next weekend. I got a lot of help from my receptionists at my Weight Watchers meetings Saturday morning. They got me out just after 11:00 am and that was all I needed to get it done.

The total trip encompassed Sherman, Paris, Texarkana, and then returning home. The total ride (out and back) was just over 450 miles. The key to making it to Texarkana was leaving Paris no later than 3:30 since Texarkana closes at 5:30 on Saturdays. I’d planned a 30-minute stop at each dealership but got it done a lot faster and the ride was flawless. Even the road construction areas didn’t hold me up inordinately.

The people at each of the three dealerships were just wonderful – as they have been throughout the rides – but I just have to give a shout out to GM Darren Paul at Whiskey River Harley-Davidson in Texarkana. I have never been greeted so warmly at any dealership (except our home dealership, North Texas Harley-Davidson) and I will definitely be back to visit. They’re having a rally in April 2012 and I’ll keep you updated.

Visit them at or on Twitter at @whiskeyriverhd.

So, the total ride was 450 miles and I hit every dealership I planned to – with time to spare. Honey didn’t go with me. He had to have more work done on his en- of-the-world, bike-to-beat-all-bikes CVO Ultra Classic that costs as much as a house but keeps not working.

But I digress. It was a good ride and I finished it much faster than I thought possible – because I went at my own pace. It didn’t take me as long at each stop and I didn’t even get off the bike at some fuel stops. Awesome! When I lead my own ride, I can get places FAST and just fine!

So, at least I can ride where I want: far and fast. That’s what a lady biker needs to be able to do.  Until next time, wheels down and eyes up! What an awesome time to be riding. And, for the record, I WILL win that new 2012 Street Glide. I probably can’t afford to keep it, but it will still change my life!

  1. Nice post, Lady Biker. Wish that I could have ridden it with you. : )