December 10, 11 and 13 rides

Posted: 14th December 2010 by LadyBikerTravel in December 2010 Challenge
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Time to write about some more December rides in my December Challenge – to take a different route home every day.

Friday the 10th was a busy night. I met a friend for drinks, then met up with Honey in Frisco at the end of his ride with his Harley Group, Panther Creek. After that we went to a movie and, by the time we got out, it was late – after midnight. Time for another quick ride home since I had to be at work at 6:30 the next morning! Once again, toll roads are the quickest way to get anywhere and that’s how we did it: 121 to I-35 to Loop 12 and across Shady Grove. It was quick and easy. It was also very late and I know that it was not a good ride for me because of fatigue. I was weary and not very attentive. God kept us all safe on that ride – riders and drivers! Song for the ride, another Zydeco piece from my “Best Damn Cajun CD Ever” CD, given to me by a friend, with no artists or songs on it at all. Love that CD!

Saturday December 11th I had to work early, then had to head up to Carrollton to my office to pick up something I’d left there. Honey and I rode part way together, then separated to run errands. Afterwards, we met back up at the Harley Dealership and from there headed to the grocery store to pick up something to make a lamb stew. Honey knows my mission to travel home a different route every day this month and, without me even mentioning it, charted an alternate route home for us. We took a back way to Luna Road, to Royal Lane, and on around to MacArthur. Then we headed north on MacArthur to Kroger North for our shopping. Even had some sushi there beforehand. It’s a good man who can turn errands into a date – and enjoy it! Ahh. When we finished, it was a straight shot down MacArthur all the way home. Song for the ride: “Horizon Has Been Defeated” by Jack Johnson. I used to love that CD but hadn’t listened to it in years – until I loaded it on my iPod. One of the best pieces of technology ever.

Sunday was a cold day and we were helping one of the kids move – no riding at all. Some days just work that way.

Monday, December 13th. It was really cold this morning and I was bundled up so much I could hardly move. If I’d fallen down, it would have taken a crane to get me back on my feet! Coming home was not so cold and I had a nice ride down Midway to Walnut Hill and across to I-35. From there, it was Loop 12 to Shady Grove and home. I noticed that Walnut Hill is in terrible shape and it was so bad in some places, I found myself tensing up as I tried to follow where the cars ahead of me went. While my instinct is always to stay in the middle of the road, I’ve learned that cars always “split” hazards between their tires – which is exactly where I’m going if I ride down the middle of the road. So, I try to follow, instead, in the car’s tire line, figuring the car will swerve around a hazard in the tire line and I’ll be warned. They won’t swerve for hazards in the middle of the road because they pass right over them. I did notice one really nice thing and that was the smell of fire from a number of fireplaces as I rode by houses. It is perfect fireplace weather and the smell always makes me think back to my childhood when we’d light fires in the cold weather. Song for the ride: “Walk This Way” by Aerosmith. Sweet!

That’s it for now. Honey is going on a long ride to Florida so there’s no rush to be home at all at any special time. The next few days will be time for long rides home, weather permitting. Until then, eyes up, wheels down, stay out of each other’s way and if today is the day I meet the Lord, I do it with thanks and praise for a joy-filled life.