More December Challenge Rides

Posted: 23rd December 2010 by LadyBikerTravel in December 2010 Challenge
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It’s Christmas week and Santa came early for me! I didn’t get to ride at all on Sunday but definitely made up for it.

December 20. It was our Company christmas party and, after a nice brunch and fun socializing with my co-workers – some of whom I’ve known almost 12 years – we shut down the office at noon. It turns out Honey was on his way back here from Florida after attending his brother’s graduation. I took off headed east while he was riding west. The plan was to meet up…wherever…and ride back home together. I took Midway south to 635, then used the HOV almost all the way to I-20. From there, eastwards. I made two stops for gas and at both of them ran across people who were riders. One was a young kid trailering a custom chopper to South Carolina. At the second stop (Longview) was a man headed to Las Vegas. He wasn’t riding it for the scenery; just getting there as fast as he could.

Even with all the hi-tech technology we had, Honey and I managed to overshoot each other. I stopped at a Cracker Barrell just outside Shreveport at exit 10; he stopped at exit 3 at a Denny’s, but waited for me to get back there. After a couple of hours of catching up, it was time to head back home. Of course, I had to explain why I had new soft lower covers on Coco. Since Honey doesn’t really read my FB posts or Tweets or my blog, he didn’t know about the accident and his reaction was exactly what I expected and why I didn’t tell him in the first place: worried and upset. “Why didn’t you tell me? I’d have come home right away.” Which is exactly why I didn’t tell him. There was absolutely no reason to come home since I wasn’t hurt, remember?

So, we got past that and began the ride home on a beautiful, cool evening in Louisiana and East Texas. We stopped for gas and to stretch our legs a couple of times and ultimately took the southern route: I-20 to Spur 408 to I-30 to MacArthur and home. Interestingly, this was the night of the lunar eclipse, but the moon was behind us the entire way. Also, it didn’t happen until about 2 am, a couple of hours after we arrived home, tired and ready to sleep. Sure missed Honey, though, and I’m glad he’s back. Song for the ride: “Call Me” by Blondie (a very ironic choice since I’ve been dealing with a serious phone problem for the past five days and had been pretty much unable to call anyone because I’d lost all my numbers and I don’t know any of them by memory!)

December 21st was a regular work day and it was back to being cold. Work was beyond frustrating as I continued working to try to get my new phone to sync with my computer. After at least six hours with support people on the phone, the last call alone was three hours (puncuated by two power outages in the building, one during a restore session), I was about ragged as you can get. It was a very bad day.

After work, I rode to Bike Night in Plano, but I’m having a hard time fitting in there and being with the group just reminds me so much of things in my life that are outside my control that I wish were different. I left, upset before too long (upset like you can only be when you’ve had a total crap day punctuated by self-pity) and, after coffee, headed back home with Honey. It was late and he was tired so we took the quick route – 15th to US75, south to 635 to I-35 to Loop 12 to Shady Grove and on home. Song for the ride: “La Bamba” by Ricky Martin (told you there was some of everything on my iPod).

December 22nd. Only three days til Christmas. I left work relatively early because Young Son wasn’t feeling well and I told him I’d make him a special treat – Chicken & Dumplings. I’m so used to finding alternative routes home I didn’t even consider taking my usual route, even for speed. Instead I took Marsh to the 635 Service Road to Webb Chapel to NW Highway (yes, I can consistently do it now), across to Riverside, to O’Connor, then the Leland cut to MacArthur and home. Just a quick stop at Kroger South to pick up what I needed to cook tonight. Honey surprised me at the grocery store and I didn’t even have to figure out how to pile on all the groceries I always get. The one place I tend to forget I’m a biker is the grocery store! Finished up the ride back down MacArthur to home. Song for the ride “I’m a Survivor” by Destiny’s Child. Love that song! We’re all survivors in one way or another but sometimes it feels like it was written just for me.

I’ve got some ideas for 2011 challenges and rides but I’ll need help from other riders to make it a better blog and to flesh out my website…it’s coming, I promise!

Until next time, wheels down, eyes ahead; stay out of each other’s way, and if today is the day I meet God face to face, I do it with gratitude for a joy-filled life.