Trip 2 – On My Own

Posted: 14th April 2010 by LadyBikerTravel in Uncategorized

I’ve taken my first solo trip now: Irving to Stephenville to meet up with Honey and a group from Panther Creek HOG who were traveling in South Texas to see the wildflowers. I had to stay home to do our taxes but I finished up in time to make ride Sunday. It happens it was the day Texas Stadium was blown up so there was no way to go buy South. I took I-30 to just east of Weatherford, then bore off on US 180 to go through town. Weatherford has a very nice courthouse and town square.

Since I was on my own, I stopped to take pictures of interesting things – that’s something you can’t do in a group. After I passed through town, I headed back to I-20 on Highway 312. A few miles along, I took US 281 South towards Stephenville. Along that route, I rode by a huge rocker – yes, a wooden rocking chair, too big to just ride by without taking some pictures. Turns out it is the bona fide Guiness World Record Holder for the largest rocking chair. It made Coco look like a bug.

Once I arrived in Stephenville, I had some time to kill so I took more pictures around the square. I should have been filling my tank up with gas instead for the ride home but…oh well.

I met up with Honey and his group at the Hard-Eight Bar-B-Que – a place with every type of meat you can imagine that you just choose and weigh. The two of us ate for under $20 and my meal was actually about $8 – my total pay out for the trip.

I rode the leg home with the group but regretted not filling up before leaving town. I was promised a gas stop in 40 miles. That turned into 70 miles and I was down to about 15 miles left in the tank – too close for me. I broke away from the group to fill up, then met up with them three miles later at their scheduled stop. Moral: need a CB if I’m going to travel in a group so I’ll know what the plans are.

Other things I learned:

1. Fill up before you eat – like taking care of your horse before you take care of yourself.
2. Stop when you want when you’re traveling alone. You’re there for the experience, not to get somewhere fast. If you have time, you won’t regret stopping to take in the sights.
3. Don’t bop your head when you listen to music in a group. Everyone will think there’s something wrong with you or that you’re giving some kind of strange signal. Just hold the dancing inside.
4. A 200-mile ride is just a break-in. Longer rides are out there and they’re going to be awesome!!

Total cost: $8 for lunch plus cost of gas.
Total distance: 205 miles.

‘Til next time.

Lord, keep my wheels down and my eyes up. Keep other people out of my path and me out of theirs. And if today is the day we’ll meet face to face, I do it with joy and thanksgiving for a good life.