Mother’s Day is one of those holidays that forces you to assess your performance at something – in this case, as a Mother (well, duh). It’s kind of like Administrative Professional’s Day. Good secretaries — I mean Administrative Professionals — get good gifts. Bad ones don’t.

So what’s a good gift for a Mom who’s a biker? Chrome? Bike gear? A new bike? Leather? Gadgets?

Answer: none of the above. Acknowledgement is all this Lady Biker wants. Acknowledgement that all the screw-ups didn’t ruin you permanently; remembrances of the good times; promises for days to come. Flowers are also nice (thank you very much, Jess). Hugs and kisses are absolutely perfecto.

Of course, a Lady Biker also likes a ride on her day and, thanks to a friend of Jessie’s, I got one – albeit a short one. I actually took one of her friends for a ride because he hadn’t ridden in a long time and asked if I’d be willing to. What’s this? A ride on a beautiful Sunday afternoon with no wind, a fluffy-cloud-filled sky? Would I? Would I? You bet! (Tim asked him how it felt riding bitch and he quickly replied it was much better behind a woman than behind a man. Tim was silenced! Nice comeback, kid!)

It was short and sweet but as I looked out the mirrors and saw how much he was enjoying himself, I realized this is what I’m missing so much: riding just for the pleasure of the ride. May is almost half-way done and with it, the fifth month of the year. I have had woefully few pleasure rides and none in my immediate future. I have to go to New Orleans this week and there was a very real possibility of riding there…until the meeting I was going for was scheduled in such a way that flying was my ONLY option. Foiled again.

I just got through telling Honey that he needs to accept that this year will not be a riding year for him. I guess someone needs to tell me that, too. There’s nothing like a stupid Hallmark Card Holiday to make you reflect on your inadequacies. Of course, I certainly don’t think any of my shortcomings as a mother have any connection with my failure to take a single long road trip this year so far (even though, as a woman, I could probably work out a way to make them related…and then eat chocolate to fix it). I’m just feeling like a slave to my job (which I love, by the way, but it still takes me away from my family a lot and that’s tough). It also takes away from my ride time.

I told Tim tonight that I realize now how much I have come to rely on our motorcycle trips together – not because they give us hand-holding-talking-about-things time but because it’s just the two of us working on a common goal. Our lives these days are very divergent; our travel may be at the same time but it’s to opposite ends of the country and our time together is full of all these things that just have to get done.

I’m not complaining about my life – only about not riding. And about Mother’s Day, which was the inception of this rant. I love my kids with all my heart and I wouldn’t change a thing about any of them. I’m glad to be a mum and on this Mother’s Day am missing my own mom especially deeply – even though she’s been gone a long time now. She left us about five years before she died, thanks to the memory-stealing symptoms of Alzheimer Disease. I was more like her mother for the last five or six years of her life. Never mind what that was like for my poor dad – no, really, never mind. This post is about Mother’s Day. He’ll get his due on Father’s Day. It’s MY day now!

Thanks, to my daughter who left no stretch marks, Jessica for my flowers. Thanks to Justin for his good wishes РI love him like a son, too. I guess the real beauty of being a mum is that not only do you have your kids, but you have the people they bring into their lives Рand yours. Your family is as big as your arms can reach and mine can reach a long way!

Happy Mother’s Day to all those mothers out there. If you’re a rider, I’ll tell you this right now: there is no ride more enjoyable than one with one of your kids holding tight behind you. If you didn’t have one of those rides today, there’s always another day. It makes me think of something my mother always said to me when I asked her why there wasn’t a Kid’s Day since there was a Mother’s Day and a Father’s Day and a Grandparent’s Day (a Hallmark fabrication if there ever was one but I digress). She said “That’s because every day is kid’s day.” The truth is, every day is Mother’s Day – with the joy, the heartache, the clench-your-fists-so-you-don’t-hit-someone anger, the laughing, the eye-rolling (theirs and yours) – all of it. Every day is Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day, Lady Biker. And many more!