I recently took Tim up to the Panhandle to reunite with a lot of people he’s never met for my 30th high school reunion. I’ve been making jokes for the past several months about how I graduated before I was born but the truth is, I’m that old — nearly 49. Fortunately, it turns out 49 isn’t nearly as old as I thought it would be back when I was 29.

Fortunately also I’m not the only one who’s grown up. Actually, that’s probably a little harsh. Everyone I saw this weekend was an absolute joy. Some were people I barely knew because we ran with different crowds. 30 years later, we’re all part of the same crowd.

I think that was the most gratifying thing about this weekend: at our age, there are no cliques, no popular, no teenage versions of “untouchables.” We were all just a lot of people pushing 50, reminiscing about days that seemed so good in retrospect, when I’m sure we all know that’s because we’re only remembering the good times.

I think maybe it’s a blessing to look back on a significant period of your life and remember only good times. Now, I know it wasn’t all great but when compared against the rest of my life, it wasn’t so bad, either.

One other wonderful thing was spending time with people I don’t even remember from high school. I know the people we are today are a far cry from who we were 30 years ago but I’m a little sad I didn’t find the opportunity to get to know some of the people I spent time with this weekend back when I had the chance. One of them, John, even rides motorcycles and he’s so cool, I can cut him some slack that it’s not a Harley!

There’s one last thing that made this weekend so wonderful. Along with catching up with really good friends from my past and getting to know new people, my wonderful husband showed yet again why he is such a great guy and why I am so very fortunate to be with him.

There were two gay couples who had brought their partners. I’ve always been pretty vocal about what I believe when it comes to gay marriage (a topic I will not go into here except to say I think any two people should be able to have a legal relationship protected by law and any church should have the freedom to bless or not bless a union of any two people).

One of these men is a friend who goes way back – almost 45 years. He decided he wanted to dance with his partner but he didn’t want to break the ice alone. He came to our table and asked Tim and I if we would join them.

Now, Tim doesn’t dance. If you put him in a dark closet alone and played music, he wouldn’t even sway. But he readily agreed to join them on the floor so they wouldn’t be alone. Everyone else at our table joined them, too, and soon the floor was full and the ice was broken and it was never a problem again. And my honey did something I know makes him nervous (he really doesn’t ever want to look foolish in front of people) because he knew it meant something to me and because it was the right thing to do.

So, in a room full of reminiscing, I left knowing that today is really the best time ever. It’s rich with old memories and an even greater abundance of friends but most off all, I’ve got my honey. We rode home together Sunday – just like we’ll be doing for the rest of our lives. I am truly blessed!

Until next time, wheels down and eyes up.