One of the proudest moments a mom can ever have is seeing her child off to his first day of school. I had mine a couple of weeks ago when Noah, my baby, went to his first day of school…Motorcycle Safety School. Yes, my baby decided to become a rider. Ah. He always was one of my favorites.

As the youngest and with his brilliant older brother Reuben, Noah has always had the trailing position. Of course, he took that as a challenge in everything. Reuben walked at 8 months and 10 days?  No problem. I’ll walk at 8 months and 3 days. Reuben was a school genius? No problem. I’ll graduate when I’m 15 and head to college then. Reuben got a moped and rode it all over the place? OK, then. I’m going to get my license and get a motorcycle. And so he did.

Tim agreed we should get him a bike if he completed the course and found a great bike for him about 40 miles from us. After he completed the class, Noah and I took care of all the business: getting his license, then riding together to Alvarado to look at the bike, which he loved. I let him conduct the transaction with the seller and (thanks to my father playing  banker) he handed over the money for his new bike: a 2003 Honda Shadow 750 with only 5k miles. Perfect.

Then it was time for us to ride home. Now that was a tough moment. I had to ride on challenging country roads, then through DFW rush hour traffic with my baby in my rearview mirror. Yikes!

But I never should have doubted. At 21 (next Sunday) Noah is a fabulous rider. There is no prouder moment than seeing one of your kids excel in something you do yourself and knowing he will surpass your skills. Noah is a fabulous rider. He is confident and skilled but not at all reckless. I began my riding on a Ninja and regularly did foolish things (and I was in my 40s). Not so with Noah. He is a mature rider and will not cause me excessive sleep loss over his riding.

And the best part? He’s smart enough to have figured out how to get a job that not only allows him to ride; it facilitates it! He got a job delivering sandwiches in the area and is a model employee, taking extra shifts because it lets him ride more.

Noah will turn 21 next Sunday and he’s really grown up! I’m so proud of him and can’t wait for us all to go riding together. I’m a happy Mom!

Noah, keep your wheels down and your eyes up. Let’s go riding!