Lady Biker, Lady Biker, Where Have You Been?

Posted: 7th August 2015 by admin in Uncategorized

I’ve been to London to… well, not really, although I actually HAVE been to London since my last post. No audience with Her Majesty, however.

But that’s just one small thing I’ve done in all that time, one small thing that’s happened. No need to go into everything here…let’s just call it “life” and move on. There is one VERY important thing, though, and that’s that I’m still riding. Some things just stay the same. Thank God!

I have a new ride – a 2013 Street Glide named “The Streak.” (Don’t judge me. I didn’t name her; bikes name themselves.) It’s 2015 now and I bought her new so there are two years of rides I’ve done, including a long solo ride right after I bought her to Kentucky where I met up with my husband for our anniversary at an Eagles concert. Ahhhh. Great ride.

There haven’t been too many other rides – other than my daily commute and since I’m out of town about 50-60% of the time, that doesn’t amount to much riding. I’ve got a ride planned for Labor Day Weekend and I’m looking forward to it. The challenge of the moment: find a way to work riding back into my life in a more prominent way. That translates to pulling back on work and growing the “me” time. If anyone has found out a way to make that easier, please let me know.

At least I can now say I’m back in the saddle…the blogging saddle. Now let’s ride.

Wheels down, eyes up! Bring on the road!