She’s Back!

Posted: 29th April 2011 by LadyBikerTravel in Uncategorized

It’s been a dreary, long winter, full of things to interfere with riding for pleasure. Sure, I put in the miles, but almost all of it has been for work. But spring is definitely here, I’m well and whole again, and Coco is ready to go. I’ve got loads of ideas for summer riding that I’ll be sharing with you as well as some Lady Biker Equipment projects since I’m on my own for the time being (honey’s away for a month to help out his mom in Pennsylvania).

Please join me for some fun group rides – even if they’re virtual groups – and share your ideas for fun riding. Coco’s had 19k miles on her to end her first year. I’m shooting for 50k by the end of next March. Who’s with me? Let’s ride!

  1. Alfred Schram says:

    After this wonderful trip with Noah, I wish I could do the real thing. But for now, I’ll settle for a virtual group ride.