Oh, it’s been a long, cold winter. OK, I know it’s June and it’s actually really, REALLY hot, but from a riding standpoint, I’ve been in a bleak dreary winter. Sure I’ve ridden – I rode every single cold, wet, dreary day. It’s the only way I have to get around. But the rides were completely utilitarian, except for a lovely group ride down to the Hill Country in early April for a Bluebonnet Ride (absent the Bluebonnets) along the famed Three Sisters Route.

One great thing about that Bluebonnet ride was that I met another girl who rides – I mean, I met a lot of women who ride, but I totally identified with this chick. She’s hard core – much more than me. She leaves home on Friday night and does 2,000 miles in the weekend. Sure, I’ve done an Iron Butt…once. She does them regularly and is usually one of the top mileage people in her Harley chapter.

I’m not in a Harley chapter right now…I’m going through a serious case of Misfit-itis. I don’t feel like I fit in anywhere, not in a Harley group, not in a Christian rider group…just nowhere. But, that doesn’t really matter right now. I just want to ride…REALLY ride. Not just to work (which I feel like I do all the friggin’ time) but real rides – with the 36 hours of available time for riding I have every weekend from Saturday afternoon when I get off work until Sunday night when it’s time to recover for a new work week.

I’m a goal-oriented person. I love having dreams and goals that I work for. Over the past year, for a variety of reasons, I’m not working on any dreams right now. Other things have taken their place and the one thing I still dream about is 100% pointless wasting my life longing for so that leaves me with…A MOTORCYCLE NAMED COCO. She’s perfect in every way and she wants to go places!!!!!

So, being a goal-oriented person with a bike, all I need is…a GOAL. I live in Texas, a very big state (except if you compare it to Alaska, but we’re not doing that, are we?) and a big state has a lot of counties (254, to be exact…I learned that in 7th grade Texas History and that one fact has stood the test of time and brain cell deterioration) and a lot of counties means…a lot of county courthouses.

Now, I’m not a fan of courthouses – they mean one of two things: I’ve gotten a ticket or I’ve been called for jury duty. Why on earth would I have any interest in visiting them for any reason at all? Well, it just sounded cool. Way better than visiting every mall in the state…*puke*. I’d rather ride than shop ANY day (although shopping would probably be a cheaper pastime).

Frankly, courthouses in Texas have a certain appeal. Many of them are actually very old and interesting. And, most of them have been replaced (for business purposes) by ugly modern buildings built in the 1960s. That means the originals are attractive, old, and rarely used. Ahhh. This is the perfect challenge!

So here it is: 254 counties. 254 courthouses (I think). I won’t lie to you…I’ve mapped out all the county seats but I haven’t confirmed there are actually county courthouses in use in each county seat, although I think there likely are. I mean, if Texas has proved anything to me, it’s that it has plenty of courts! But, we digress.

254 counties. 254 courthouses (I think). One year to do it. Today is June 11th, but I visited my first courthouse in the bunch yesterday, in Denton. Don’t worry. There will be a blog about the trip (it was not solo; I led and proved once again why I’m better suited to be a follower in groups of 2 or more and do my best leading when I ride solo; but it was fun).

So, bring ’em on. Texas, and your courthouses, here I come.

Guess what, if you live somewhere else, the chances are you have fewer counties to visit. Why not go along with me? And if you’re in Texas, maybe we’ll meet up somewhere along the way!

This is the Lady Biker signing out. See you guys on the road!

  1. RubyTuesdayDONO says:

    haha – « courthouses in Texas have a certain “appeal” » – jury nullification ftw! and then it explodes into this enormous maverick!