December Challenge

Posted: 4th December 2010 by LadyBikerTravel in December 2010 Challenge

I recently realized I’ve fallen into the rut I always say I’ll avoid: focusing so much on my destination that I fail to take joy in the trip. I mean this figuratively, of course. Things are so crazy now that I haven’t even taken a bike trip in over a month. What I mean is that I’m feeling so stressed sometimes that I’m missing out on the simple joys of life.
The whole point of Lady Biker Travel was to provide a forum for women bikers to share their enthusiasm for riding. Even though I haven’t been on any trips lately, I ride to work every day so I’m still riding. Why not enjoy it?

So, to challenge myself to see things differently, I’ve decided to mix things up on my daily commute. Now, my morning routine is too fragile for me to mess with it (there are some things we must concede) but evenings, when I’ve finished whatever classes or meetings or shopping or whatever else I have to do, belong to me. I’ve decided to use that time to take a different route home every day. And my mission is to notice something new and different on every trip.
We’re three days into the month; so far, so good. I won’t go into a whole lot of detail (I mean, it’s only a trip home from work) but I’m going to share a bit about the alternate route, what I noticed, and the song for the day (that’s the song that’s playing when I get home – be prepared for a serious lack of cohesion in my music selections!).

Dec. 1: There was a huge accident on the freeway (that’s nothing new so it wouldn’t count for a new sight) so I jumped off the freeway and took Harry Hines down to NW Highway. They’ve been doing a lot of construction in the area, building tracks to extend the DART all the way to the Airport. (Someday I’ll write a whole blog on how DART is about 20 years behind where they should be and how I can’t wait for all the crazy drivers to start using it and free up the roads for…ME!) Usually nothing good comes out of the construction process; you have to wait until it’s done. But in this case, a miracle has happened! The speed limit on the spur going over the Trinity River bottoms used to be 45 MPH. It is now 60 miles an hour! That is joyful news. This may get an upgrade from “alternate route” to regular route. Song of the day was “Stardust” as performed by the Glenn Miller Orchestra.

Dec. 2: I was so elated by my new 60 MPH route that I decided to take it again. However, this time, I never got on the freeway, just headed down Midway to NW Highway, then across the spur. I noted on the way (not without a certain measure of happiness) that the old drive-in beer store on Northwest Highway, whose claim to fame was bikini-clad girls sitting out front with a kiddie pool who brought your beers right up to the car, was gone — replaced with a payday loan place. No girls in bikinis bringing you your money, either. I was once with a guy who always took that route so he could see them – he loved to point out beautiful women to me, presumably thinking if I saw enough of them I would turn beautiful myself. Whatever. Didn’t happen. Song for the day was “Lovers In Japan” by Coldplay. Absolutely no significance at all whatsoever. Any.

Dec. 3: Got off work early today (woohoo!) and honey (who I shouldn’t even mention since I don’t exist at all in his virtual life and don’t even warrant any kind of mention, ever) rode up to meet me. We took Midway to NW Highway again, but this time turned down Harry Hines and headed to Stroker’s for a beer and a burger (well, a beer for me; burger for him). It was an unbelievably fantastic day today. Wish I could have ridden all day but getting off work early has no relation to how many other things had to get done so we just went home and I did them…well, some of them. Song for the day: “SOS” by Rihanna.

That’s it for now. I’ll post more as the month progresses. For now, send me a comment if you’ve got some ideas for ways to enjoy the ride – no matter where it’s going!

Until next time, Lord, keep my wheels down, my eyes ahead, keep other drivers out of my path and me from theirs. And if today is the day we meet face to face, I do so with thanksgiving and gratitude for a joy-filled life.