So time for my next courthouse trip. This one was alone on a Tuesday evening after work. I waited until about 6:30 to leave so the traffic would have died down…at least a little. Again, I started from my office in Carrollton but this time took Beltline all the way to Grove Road in Richardson. It becomes Audelia and I turned East on Forest Lane, which eventually turns into State Highway 66. It leads almost straight up to the courthouse. Part of the ride on Highway 66 includes a very nice stretch over Lake Ray Hubbard that was worth the ride alone.

The Rockwall County Courthouse has been replaced by a newer building but the original courthouse is still standing in its home on Rusk Street. It is the home of the County Commissioner’s Court. There are some businesses on the square and a new restaurant that looked promising but which hadn’t opened yet. Everything looked closed.

Rockwall County Courthouse

While taking pictures of Coco in front of the courthouse, someone stopped and asked what I was doing. I explained my mission and he said “Well, be sure you stay out of Terrell.” Apparently things there aren’t good for bikers (or maybe they just weren’t good for him). Fortunately, my route circumvented Terrell.

After that, I took Goliad Street South away from the square straight out of town. It becomes State Highway 205 and heads straight for…Terrell. No, wait. Right at the last moment, it veers west along the outskirts of town and becomes FM 148. From there I turned east onto FM 987 towards Kaufman. Now, on Google Maps, FM 987 gives a very good impression of a paved road. Do not be fooled. It has patches of gravel and dirt just begging for a rain storm and looking for a biker to throw down. I was not to be that biker, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t try!

FM 987 eventually becomes a city street and takes you almost directly to the Courthouse. Kaufman County, too, has chosen to build a new courthouse away from the town square. And after seeing the monstrosity the early county planners built for their County Seat, I can’t blame them a bit. Yikes! You couldn’t tell front from back. I was fooled into thinking that the side with the large gold letters reading “Kaufman County Courthouse” was the front. Then I realized there were no doors except for a small heavy metal door that said “Prisoner Entrance.” Another side had a statue and some glass doors but nothing that said “Come hither.” Well, I didn’t go there to go inside anyway. I took pictures of Coco on each side, then got the heck out of Dodge…or rather Kaufman. My first trip and, unless I lose a bet, my last!

Kaufman County Courthouse

I took US 175 from Kaufman back to Dallas, then jumped off on Loop 12 south of town. That I took all the way around to Irving – a long stretch that goes through some parts of Dallas I wouldn’t necessarily have wanted to walk in after dark but which ended up being just fine. Eventually, I reached a part of Loop 12 I ride every Monday night after one of my WW meetings and it was like arriving home.

Total miles: 116. Total time: 3-1/2 hours (plus time at the grocery store for a dinner party planned for the next night, which has nothing to do with this trip but which I’m writing about to show how dedicated I am to family, even while pursuing my own vanities).

3 down; 251 to go.