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So I’m at a crossroads. A terrible crossroads where my bike’s desperate need for maintenance (oil change, new tires, new brakes, 15k service, state inspection) has intersected with my lack of funds ($0 in the savings account and creditors outpacing earnings). I’ve hit the riding point where I duck around every corner (even though I […]

Couples Riding

Posted: 14th November 2011 by LadyBikerTravel in Uncategorized
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So, I’ve been writing a lot about wanting to learn how to ride places on my own without needing someone to ride with me. I have to be honest and admit there were two reasons for my mild rants. One was that I truly do want to learn to be comfortable riding by myself. I […]

So it’s Sunday afternoon and I probably won’t be riding today but I had a week on the bike and still managed a new route every day. December 16th – It turned cool again so lots of layers in the morning and no let up all day. I had to stop by WalMart to pick […]

December 10, 11 and 13 rides

Posted: 14th December 2010 by LadyBikerTravel in December 2010 Challenge
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Time to write about some more December rides in my December Challenge – to take a different route home every day. Friday the 10th was a busy night. I met a friend for drinks, then met up with Honey in Frisco at the end of his ride with his Harley Group, Panther Creek. After that […]